Business Department IV

Business Department IV (Electrical and Machinery Center) was founded with three departments: Primary Material Dept., Metal and Mineral Dept. and High Technology Products Dept..The whole Center engages in importing and exporting electromechanical equipments, chemicals like bulk asphalt and citric acid, minerals and new energy related products, new shipbuilding  project, and solar photovoltaic related products, as well as contracting the EPC projects, etc. Based on the traditional import and export agency business, EMC commits itself to extending service of enhancing the accuracy, to penetrating the whole industry chains. Although within wild business coverage, EMC has been successfully played a key role in the respective fields, such as:
EMC is keep growing steadily in the bitumen industry covering the whole industry chain as the agent for sailing the bulk asphalt with Korea GS/SK/ S-OIL origin, together with Taiwan/Indian/Mid-East origin, directly to SINOPEC, CNPC, and CNOOC. The 300,000.00 ton’s annual trading volume makes WHYWIN’s leading position further stabilized in the same lines.                   
In the past years, EMC successfully exported several 82000DWT Bulk Carriers, 8000DWT Multifunctional Chemical Vessels, 2700TEU Container ships, and tugs and barges. It set up good base and earned a nice reputation for WHYWIN in the line of ship trading agency in Anhui province. 
Photovoltaic-related industry business has also extended from China to overseas areas by stabilized trading relationships with famous manufacturers, such as Korea OCI, Taiwan Green Energy, GIGASTORRGE, MEMC,CSI,JA SOLAR and Wuxi Suntech, etc. Mainly puchase and sell polysilicon, silicon wafer, solar cell, and solar module to the related customers as well as the import and export trading services with the trade volume of 500MW per year.
EMC will continue develop vigorously, bringing the business to the bright future. And sincerely welcome the friends from and abroad to come and seek for mutual development.