December 2019National AAA credit enterprises
November 2019 Top 100 enterprises in Anhui province(ranked 54th)
November 2019Top 100 service enterprises in Anhui province (ranked 14th)
November 2019Top 50 enterprises in Hefei (ranked 24th)
November 2019Top 20 service enterprises in Hefei (ranked 7th)
October 20192019-2020 National Cultural Export key Enterprises
September 2019Anhui Provincial Civilization Unit
August 2019 Top 10 Exporters of the Year 2018 in China’s Medical Dressing Industry
May 20192019 China international service trade fair "international strategy award"
May 2019Anhui Whywin Light Textile Co., Ltd.  was awarded as China's export leading index sample enterprise
December 20182017-2018 A.P.G.’s Advanced Grassroots Trade Unions
November 2018Ranked 46th among Anhui Province’s Top 100 Enterprises
September 2018Caring for the disabled company
September 2018Hefei's Top 50 Enterprises
August 20182017 national integrity business excellence demonstration company
July 2018A.P.G.’s Advanced Grassroots Party Organization 
June 2018Top 10 Exporters of the Year 2017 in China’s Medical Dressing Industry
March 2018Anhui’s Top 10 Credit Units
February 20182017-2018 National Cultural Export key Enterprises
2017Top 10 Exporters of the Year 2017 in China’s Medical Dressing Industry
2017A.P.G.’s Prominent Contribution Unit of Year 2017
September 2017AAA+ Level Customer of China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation
June 20172016 Anhui Integrity Enterprise
May 2017AEO Certificate
January 2017China's Top 10 Color TVs Export Companies 2016
December 2016Anhui Provincial Civilization Unit
December 2016The Certificate of Vice President of Anhui Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export
October 2016Recommended Export Brands of Year 2016
September 2016China Quality Credit Enterprise
June 2016Cultural Products Overseas Distribution Network Construction Project of 2015-2016 National Cultural Export key Projects
June 20162015-2016 National Culture Export Key Enterprise
September 2015Ranked 250th among China’s Top 500 Foreign Trade Enterprises 
August 2015China Top 500 Foreign Trade Enterprises